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Currently Reading, Watching, Listening To, Trying (#4)

ezgif-1-f3fef490bdWow! It’s been nearly 2 months since the last time I posted one of these. I’m awful, I’m sorry! In my defense though I didn’t really post anything on this blog for the 20+ days that I was away, haha. As some of you may have noticed, I added a section to this blog series titled “currently listening to” or “current top 10”! Due to the friends I hung out with, and the fact that we went to South Korea (ugh such a good trip), I returned to Canada with a renewed love and appreciation for kpop! I will therefore be including a top 10 kpop (and whatever music I may be listening to, which can definitely vary in genre) to each of these posts from now on! Please read on if you’re interested in what I’m currently obsessing over entertaining myself with!

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I started reading A Court of Wings and Ruin on the day it was released (May 2nd), but took a break when I got to around page 200. I’m not sure why this happened, but I ended up taking a break of over a month from this book before returning to reading it just a few days ago! I can’t explain it because I was so very excited for this book to come out, and the main characters are all very dear to me! It’ll remain a mystery, I guess.

Seven Days of You I started reading just before leaving for Japan! I had specifically looked for a book which was set in Japan, and was happy to find a YA one at that! Reading it before my trip definitely filed me with nostalgia, and I completely understood the sadness of the main character as she’s preparing to move from Japan to the States. This book also filled me with excitement because I was reading it before my trip, and my Japan adventures were still ahead of me, rather than behind me (as they are now! cry…) This book was also informative about certain locations in Tokyo, one of which I hadn’t know about and was happy to visit (but more about that in my actual review!)

Our Dark Duet and The Bone Queen I started just yesterday and don’t have much to say about due to not having read enough. I can however say that Our Dark Duet feels like it’ll be an intense ride, and that The Bone Queen features a very promising high fantasy world!

Sources: I purchased a digital copy of A Court of Wings and Ruin, borrowed Seven Days of You and Our Dark Duet from my local library, and received an ARC of The Bone Queen from the publisher to read and review.

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(SURPRISE! I finally finished watching Goblin: The Great and Lonely God and will be reviewing it within the next few days!) I’m kind of stuck on episode 5 of Riverdale because my sister, Aesthetically Alex, hasn’t been home enough for us to continue watching! I think she’s all caught up though, so I might just have to continue watching on my own (if I can! some shows I just don’t find enjoyable when I watch alone).

I stopped watching Sweet Stranger and Me / The Man Living in Our House because I just couldn’t get into the story or the characters. Sigh. It happens. I’ll put it on hold for now and maybe finish it another time. I also stopped watching The K2 for now, not because it isn’t good, but rather because I decided to wait and watch it together with my friend! I did, however, start watching My Secret Romance on my own because it finished airing and now I can marathon all of the episodes without having to wait between eps!

Sources: I watch my Korean dramas on Dramafever and am watching Riverdale on Netflix! Dramafever is my go-to place for drama-watching (and I have a paid account for some years now), even though I used to be a girl only! Now I only go on Viki when Dramafever is down, although both sites are good, and premium accounts cost about the same for both.

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Number Song Title Artist Album Source
 1  Blood, Sweat, and Tears (피 땀 눈물) BTS WINGS Spotify
 2  The 7th Sense (일곱 번째 감각)  NCT U   The 7th Sense (일곱 번째 감각) Spotify
 3  Cherry Bomb NCT 127  Cherry Bomb – The 3rd Mini Album Spotify
 4 Shangri-La (도원경) VIXX Shangri-La Spotify
5 RUMOR  K.A.R.D.  K.A.R.D. Project Vol.3 “RUMOR” Spotify
6  Spring Day (봄날) BTS YOU NEVER WALK ALONE Spotify
 7 Cave Me In  Gallant, Tablo, Eric Nam  Cave Me In Spotify
 8  Don’t Wanna Cry (울고 싶지 않아)  SEVENTEEN  SEVENTEEN 4th Mini Album “AI1” Spotify
9  Sun & Moon  NCT 127  Cherry Bomb – The 3rd Mini Album Spotify
 10  Never Ever GOT7  Flight Log: Arrival Spotify

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I bought these products while visiting Seoul in South Korea (and am trying them out for myself, but also for review purposes):

  • Premium Peach Cotton Toner from Skin Food
    • I really like this toner so far and will likely purchase another bottle once I’m done this one!
  • Premium Peach Cotton Emulsion from Skin Food
    • This emulsion is really good too! And I like the combination of toner and emulsion for my skin!
  • Gudetama Pig-nose Clear Black Head 3 Step Kit by Holika Holika
    • These really work and I’m all out of them! I wish I’d bought more, because I think they cost a bit more online than they did in Seoul.
  • Wine Gel Nail Polish by CHATEAU LABIOTTE (#BE02 Darling Nude & #BE03 Holy Nude)
    • I really like the Darling Nude colour, but find that the Holy Nude colour doesn’t suit my skin tone at all, but really suits my sister‘s skin tone! We might both review our respective colours very soon!

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