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Raincoast Books TeensRead Preview: Winter & Spring 2019 (Influencer Event Recap)

On October 20th, I attended one of the last book influencer events of the year (in Canada) with some awesome bookish friends! And I’ve had so much fun putting together posts for past events and discussing them with you, that I just had to write a recap for this one as well! I’m actually going to try writing a recap for every event like this that I attend, and would appreciate any feedback you might have about the formatting of these posts and such! And now, without further ado, here’s what Raincoast Book‘s TeensRead Preview: Winter & Spring 2019 was all about!

– Arriving at the TeensRead Preview –

We had some bad luck driving into Toronto… which included accidents along the way, construction, a marathon, and just slow traffic in general! But, we somehow managed to make it just in time for the start of the event. P.S. we didn’t drive like in the GIF above, though we were frustrated enough that we wished we could have!

– January 2019 –


The Gilded Wolves and King of Scars are two of my most-anticipated releases of 2019! I’m not sure if I will be reviewing an ARC of A Curse so Dark and Lonely even though I’m a great fan of the Beauty and the Beast story and most of its retellings, but I’ll likely pick up a copy from the library or from my local bookstore.


While I had never heard of either The Girl King or In Paris With You before yesterday, I had heard a few of my fellow bloggers talking about how excited they were for the former (and it does sound great), and I think that the latter sounds cute!

– February 2019 –


Dark of the West is another book that I had not heard about until yesterday, but the author is Canadian, and the plot sounds very very interesting! Courting Darkness also sounds pretty cool, Enchantee is a must-read for me, and the The Giver graphic novel adaptation also sounds like it’ll be a must-read as well!


The Deceivers is pitched as Pretty Little Liars meets Oceans 8 which has me very intrigued, and luckily this was one of the ARCs that I received in my swag bag! I just wish that the cover was more interesting. I don’t think that I have to say too much about Bloodwitch, since a lot of us are pretty excited for that one. Comics Will Break Your Heart was created by a Canadian comics illustrator (who also collaborated with Rainbow Rowell on Pumpkin Heads, out next August), and Watch Us Rise has a great cover and synopsis great for feminists of all ages!


I’m very very excited about Bloom because it’s LGBT and because it was created by one of my favourite graphic novel writers (Kevin Panetta) and Savanna Ganucheau (who I’m assuming is the sister or cousin of Paulina Ganucheau one of my favourite illustrators)! Also, The Dysasters and What We Buried both sound gripping and thrilling for fans of paranormal fantasy and thrillers (respectively)!

– March 2019 –


I was lucky enough to win a prize pack including an ARC of Bloodleaf which is a retelling of “The Goose Girl” (a fairytale collected by the Grimm Brothers) and I will be sure to share pictures with you once it arrives in the mail! Children of Virtue and Vengeance, the sequel to Children of Blood and Bone, also comes out next March, along with the third book (The Shadow Glass) in The Bone Witch series! The other ARC that I received in my swag bag was You Owe Me a Murder, which is pitched as a YA Girl on the Train! I’m super pumped to read Bloodleaf and You Owe Me a Murder, so I was quite lucky to get copies!


You Asked For Perfect and We Told Six Lies, which I had not heard about until yesterday, are also coming out next March, the former being an LGBT contemporary YA book, and the latter being a YA thriller. Voices I had heard about, and knew it was about Joan of Arc. I knew of and love the cover! I mean, her halo is made of gold words (and I think it’s really pretty even though I’m not even religious, haha)!

– April 2019 –


Wicked Saints is another book (and cover) that I knew about since the event, and I’ve actually been following the author on Twitter since she mentioned Wicked Saints as a WIP last year! There is something that I did not know about this book until yesterday, and that is that it is also a Joan of Arc retelling! Wicked Saints is one of my most-anticipated reads of next year, as is A Place for Wolves (an LGBT historical YA), and I requested both, so hopefully I will be able to review both of them for you guys! The Lost is also another exciting-sounding thriller that is coming out next year.


The last two April titles that we were told about, are also historical YA. White Rose is a retelling about Sophie Scholl (and is set during World War II), and The Hummingbird Dagger is a new Regency novel by Cindy Anstey pitched as a mystery and thriller!

– May 2019 –


Since the May 2019 releases are a bit farther away, half of the (as you can see) don’t have covers quite yet! The first of these is the new Maurene Goo book, Somewhere Only We Know, which I am very very excited about because it’ll be a rom-com about a k-pop starlet and a tabloid reporter! Doesn’t that sound fun? And I cannot wait to see the cover that they will come up with for this one. Another highly-anticipated release for me is the third and final book in Stephanie Garber’s Caraval series, Finale! No explanation necessary. The other cover-less book is Contender by Taran Matharu which will include time travel, prehistoric animals, monsters, and a tournament!


The next book is another one that I’m excited about: We Hunt the Flame! This is a high fantasy book with a world inspired by ancient Arabia and two very interesting-sounding characters! The last cover-less book is the new release by Meredith Russo (author of If I Was Your Girl) is is titled Birthday. It’s going to be about two teens who were born on the same day at the same time, and how their relationship develops over the years! And, lastly, (at least for the YA category), we heard about Kingsbane, the sequel to Furyborn!

– Middle Grade Misc. –


I’m not a big middle grade reader, but even I am intrigued by Who in the World is Carmen Sandiego? and will also be checking out the new Netflix show. Best Babysitters Ever and Pay Attention Carter Jones also sound great!


The cover and synopsis of The Myster of Black Hollow Lane has me very intrigued and wishing that I had more of an interest in middle grade fiction (I also think that it would be quite photogenic), and The Afterwards sounds heartbreaking and eye-opening!

– After the TeensRead Preview –

Apparently spending an hour with fellow book bloggers, talking about books, is not enough time, haha. So, luckily a smaller group of us went next door to a Harry Potter themed shop called Curiosa! And, it was so neat! I’m not sure how I resisted buying anything, but I think that I definitely distracted myself by taking pictures for my Instagram story! After that, we went to a neat cafe across the street and enjoyed some good coffee and bookish conversations for a few hours! After that, those of us who from out of town, drove out of the city again.

– Books and Swag –

As usual, we all got 2 ARCs each and some awesome swag! I was also lucky enough to win an awesome Bloodleaf prize pack, which is going to be mailed to me (and is therefore not included in the photos above)! Thank you so much Raincoast Books!!!

You Owe Me a Murder by Eileen Cook
The Deceivers by Kristen Simmons
Bloodleaf by Crystal Smith


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