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Luna the Vampire Volume 1: Grumpy Space by Yasmin Sheikh [ARC Review]

51X6iivNEuL._SX327_BO1,204,203,200_Title: Luna the Vampire Volume 1: Grumpy Space
Author: Yasmin Sheikh
Type: Fiction
Genre: Comic & Graphic
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Date Published: July 12 2016
Format: E-book
Page Count: N/A
Source: NetGalley

E-copy of the book kindly provided, in exchange for an honest review.

Summary: Ever wondered how it would be if outer space was populated by monsters? LOOK NO FURTHER! As this is the AMAZING everyday life of Luna the Vampire. Jam packed with awesome adventures, crazy faces, zombie postmen, AND SPACE. By the power of the giant floating god heads, don’t miss out!


Luna the Vampire Volume 1: Grumpy Space by Yasmin Sheikh is a fun and silly comic/graphic book about a vampire named Luna who lives in space.

While initially I was not sure what to think of this comic, it didn’t take long for me to get into it, and I finished it soon after that point.

The book’s style of humour reminded me of Adventure Time, but then I found that what emerged from the pages were actually a style of its own. Luna the Vampire also touches on subjects such as  women’s body image as influenced by the media, the struggles of going to work, as well as some of the dangers of online shopping.

Luna is a very independent young female vampire who lives in a spaceship on her own. Throughout her adventures we find out that she wants to look good, has a part-time job which she dislikes, and that she has a best friend who is at times infuriating but means well.

I found this comic overall, very cute, amusing, and at times tastefully disturbing. The only downside to this comic which I encountered, was that at times I had a hard time reading the writing in the speech bubbles. That being said, this was not a major issue, it did not happen too often, and when it did, I did manage to figure the words out.

The graphics were well-rendered. The style was unique, with a “messy” look to them, without being confusing or overwhelming. I loved the colours! They were bright, but not blinding, or irritating to the eye.

The story captured me and I can’t wait to find out what will happen with Luna and her friends next!

If you’re in the mood to giggle, and maybe even snort a little, I definitely recommend this book!

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