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Kat Von D Studded Kiss Crème Lipstick (Review)

Name: Studded Kiss Crème Lipstick
Brand/Company: Kat Von D
What: Lipstick
Shade: OG Lolita
Source: Free from Influenster, and Kat Von D Beauty
Blurb: A breakthrough new lipstick combining super-creamy color and weightless, comfortable long wear.

– Product Description –

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– What It Is –

A magnetized trio of long-wear, light-as-air makeup sticks curated by skin tone, with two Match Stix Matte Skinsticks to conceal and contour, and one Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick to highlight.

– What It Does –

Introducing the new and reborn Studded Kiss Crème Lipstick—the creamiest, most cushiony and unbelievably pigmented lipstick to ever cross your lips.

Discover your new go-to color from Kat Von D’s biggest, boldest shade range. The collection includes 40 shades in three finishes, and features rich reds, bold berries, and neutrals for every complexion. You’ll also find beloved Everlasting Liquid Lipstick shades, now in the Studded Kiss formulation.

Kat Von D Beauty is always on the forefront of innovation, searching for ways to amplify and improve their already long-wear, high-pigment products. Originally created in 2014, the Studded Kiss collection has now been reimagined with an updated look and a breakthrough new formula.

See and feel the difference instantly. Studded Kiss Crème Lipstick features a high-chroma content for pure, vivid color in a revolutionary new base formula that’s crystal clear, super-soft, and virtually weightless. Made with smooth, spherical pigments and lip-nourishing ingredients, it’s never been easier to coat your lips in creamy, comfortable color.

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– What Else You Need to Know –

As a perfectionist, Kat constantly seeks ways to improve the performance of all of KVD Beauty products. Studded Kiss is a collection close to Kat’s heart, so she wanted to take advantage of new advances in the industry to create an even better bullet formula that everyone will fall in love with.

Kat created the packaging for the one and only Studded Kiss Lipstick, using her favorite cuff bracelet as inspiration. The newly-designed Studded Kiss Crème features the same signature studs, updated with monochromatic black packaging.

This collection features every artist’s dream: Kat’s first-ever pure white lipstick mixer, White Out. Use it as a base to adjust the tone of your lip colors, or mix it into other shades to customize the pigment (each shade is sold separately).

“I am proud to say that Kat Von D Beauty has never tested on animals—and never will.”—Kat Von D, Brand Founder

– My Review –

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I still remember how excited I was when I received the email from Influenster, telling me that I had been selected to try out the new Kat Von D lipstick! I absolutely love the exterior design for the lipsticks, and have always been curious about the formula. Every time that I wander through a Sephora, I gravitate toward the Kat Von D beauty section, but I was always too hesitant to try one of the lipsticks. I had only ever tried the Saint & Sinner perfume by Kat Von D before this, so I’m happy to say that this is the first Kat Von D beauty lipstick I’m ever trying out!

While waiting for my Vox Box (the name used for the cosmetic boxes sent out by Influenster) to arrive, I kept wondering which shade they had picked out to send me! There are many different shades available in this line, and while I really like nudes, I think that I might also have been brave enough to try one of the more “unusual” colours. I’ve always wanted to try a purple lipstick, for example, but I’m not sure if I would ever be confident enough to wear such a shade out of the house, haha. What about you guys? Which “unusual” colours do you like to wear, or which would you like to wear, if you thought you could pull it off?

When my Vox Box showed up, I was happy to discover that they had chosen the OG Lolita shade for me! It’s a bit less nude than what I normally go for, but I really like how it looked on me! I took photos of the lipstick while it was still untouched/unused, and then looked forward to an occasion where I could wear the colour out. And of course I couldn’t help but have a Snapchat-filtered photoshoot with it on, when the occasion arose (a Superbowl Sunday dinner thing). I really liked the shade on me (the Instagram filter make it look more pink than it actually is), and it stayed on fairly well considering the fact that I ate a lot of food, haha. I also couldn’t believe how moisturized it made my lips feel, especially since it has a matte finish.

Overall this was a very solid lipstick, inside and out (I mean, look at it). I really like the studded exterior of the lipstick tube. Even the cardboard box that the tube comes in has little studs on it. Cute and badass all at once! And as I mentioned, the lipstick formula worked really well for me. This lipstick line may just have become my new favourite! I definitely look forward to trying out new colours, especially considering how pigmented the OG Lolita is (it only took 1-2 applications for me to really get some colour onto my lips). Thinking about it now, I think that I’ll save a lot on product because of how pigmented this lipstick is. I definitely keep these things in mind when spending money, especially on high end products such as the Kat Von D Beauty line, or anything else sold at Sephora. I’m really happy that I was sent this product for free to review, because now I know how good it is, and am a lot more likely to go out and buy the other shades that have caught my eye! From the image below, which shade would you want to try first?!

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  1. WANT!!! I may or may not have a slight obsession with lipstick. I’ve been wanting to try some of Kat’s products for a while now. I’ve heard her liquid eyeliner is amazing.

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