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Currently Reading, Watching, Listening, Trying #14

It’s been a while since I posted one of these, and I thought it was time to maybe start publishing them regularly again. What do you think? Here is what I’ve been reading, watching, listening to, and trying (product wise) recently/lately! What about you?


Scion of the Fox by S.M. BeikoSome of you may have noticed that I’ve been reading this book for quite some time now, and that’s because once it got warm outside, I found myself having a hard time picking the book up because it’s set in winter. Yes, I’m weird like that. Do any of you get like that about seasons and books? Also, I lost track of this book while packing and moving, and found it again only recently. Sigh. BUT, I’ve recently started reading from it again and I’m really enjoying it. I’ll likely finish it soon.

The Devil’s Thief by Lisa Maxwell: This was one of my most-anticipated releases of 2018! But, sadly, it came out around the time when I was dealing with a really really bad reading slump. The thickness of this book was also rather intimidating, and so, my reading of it started off quite slow. I’m now steadily making my way through it though, and am very curious to see where it’ll go (because I have no clue right now).


96 Words for Love by Rachel Roy and Ava Dash: I’m not too too far into this one, but what I’ve read of it so far, I’ve enjoyed. I’m not sure if I’m really clicking with the main character though (which is why I’ve taken a break from reading this one for a few days), and it really threw me off that one of the authors is on the cover. I’m not sure how I feel about that. (Do you get like that with some books?) But I’ll likely finish this soon.

Enchantée by Gita Trelease: This book is really fighting Scion of the Fox for my attention! Which is strange to me because I really struggled with fantasy for most of last year. But now I guess I’m starved for it and can’t seem to get enough, haha. But anyway, Enchantée is turning out to be different from what I had pictured before picking it up, but I’m still really really enjoying it and don’t look forward to it having to end!

Sources: I received physical ARCs and finished copies of these books
in exchange for honest reviews from their respective publishers.


I like to audiobook some books completely, or partially while also reading them as physical books. I normally do this when I have to prep blog posts, or I have to fold laundry, or drive somewhere. So, as you can see, I’m reading and audiobooking both Scion of the Fox and The Devil’s Thief  right now.

I’m actually in the middle of watching the most recent Riverdale episode in preparation for the next one airing this Wednesday. This is the only show I’m really actively watching right now, and I have noooo idea where things are going! But I’ll continue watching!

I had heard about this show from a lot of people and how addicted they were to it (and how quickly they binge-watched it)! I was going to hold off until I finished Gossip Girl though, because I was worried that Penn Badgley’s character in Gossip Girl‘s might get ruined for me because the character he plays in You is so very different. But, then my sister and her boyfriend were spending the weekend with me while I was house sitting my parent’s house, and they put it on and we binge-watched it all in 2 days! It was nuts! And disturbing. And upsetting. And highly addictive.

I watched Titans on my own (which doesn’t happen very often with shows) because I was convinced by 2 of my fellow bloggers (Milana & Brittany) who were raving about it. I don’t normally go for super hero stuff, but I loved the Teen Titans cartoon as a teen, and was intrigued by some of the titans being grown up in this one and it being live action. Plus, the guy playing Dick Grayson is very very attractive. Anyway, I enjoyed it and look forward to what season 2 will bring (whenever that’s happening)!

My boyfriend and I will be going to watch Alita: Battle Angel on the weekend, and I’m pumped! Let me know if you want a movie review! I’ve been seriously slacking in that department lately, and feel that it might be good to start posting more of those reviews.


I recently started using Vichy’s Liftactiv Collagen Specialist cream (you can read my Instagram review here), and the makeup wipes, exfoliating wipes, and foaming wash from Clean & Clear’s new line of lemon products (review coming soon to my Instagram, or blog, or both)! I received these products complimentary from Vichy, Clean & Clear, and Influenster in exchange for honest reviews.


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    1. Awe I’m sorry to hear that! It’s moving a bit slow, but things are picking up (I’m on page 121)…so maybe they’ll pick up more past page 200? I can let you know if you want hehe

  1. I really don’t like having to wait for new riverdale episodes every week haha, but for me it is also the only series I’m currently following!
    I keep wanting to read the Last magician, but for some reason I keep not picking it up. I think I’m afraid I won’t like it haha


    1. Oh my gosh I hate waiting for them too! I loved being able to binge watch seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix hahaha.

      And oh my gosh, I was worried about not liking The Last Magician too, but it ended up becoming one of my favourites of 2017! It starts off a little slow, but then it just takes off and it’s great 🙂 I stopped noticing how thick the book is lol

        1. Oh noooo! See, I wasn’t sure if I’d like Riverdale….so I don’t think I started watching it until both season 1 and 2 were already all on Netflix and season 3 was going to start.

          And for sure! Let me know what you think, too! 😀

            1. Hahahaha I didn’t do it on purpose! 😛 It just sort of happened that way. Not sure if I would have actually had the will power to NOT watch a show I wanted to watch, just so I could binge it later lmao

    1. It turns out that my boyfriend got the release date wrong for that one haha. We were about to buy tickets when he realized it doesn’t come out until early March haha SORRY! But do keep an eye out for a review then 🙂

      1. Haha, yeah, I was so close to being jealous that you would get to see an early screening or something. Darn getting the dates wrong. Oh well, at least we’ll probably be able to share our thoughts around the same time, because I am absolutely seeing it opening weekend.

        1. Hahaha yeah I had a feeling I should check the release date before publishing my post…but he’s never been wrong before And I’m looking forward to us sharing our thoughts around the same time now

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