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Currently Reading, Watching, Listening, Trying #13

ezgif-1-f3fef490bdIt’s been a while since one of these, and I’m sad that I missed out on the chance to discuss some of the books that I’ve read between the last update and this one. But I update 95% of the books that I read, so we can definitely discuss most of the books in the comment sections of my book review posts!

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– Physical Books –

Six f Crows by Leigh BardugoI’m hosting a readalong for this book right now, and I’m absolutely loving it! I’m sad that I took so long to read this, but I’m also happy to be reading it together with some awesome people. Our first discussion will start on Friday, and I cannot wait!

The Cruel Prince by Holly BlackI’ve only just added this on Goodreads as “currently reading,” but haven’t actually started yet. I will be starting it today though, and I’m very very excited! I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about this book, and I’ve loved everything else that I’ve read by Holly Black so far.

Whichwood by Tahereh MafiI’m 5 chapters into this book, and it is just wonderful. I’m currently buddy reading this with Milana from A Couple Reads, and I have a feeling that we’re really going to enjoy it from cover to cover.

Devotion by Meg KerrI really felt like reading something romantic, and have been eyeing this Austenesque book for some time. This is also the best time of year for me to read Austen, or Austen-type books, so this pick is perfect for me. I’m almost halfway into this book, and am really enjoying it. Kerr really projects that Austenesque atmosphere and writing style in this book, and I am very intrigued by the plot and where it’s going to go.

Sources: I received physical ARCs of these books in exchange for
honest reviews from their respective publishers.

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Six f Crows by Leigh Bardugo: I’ve been switching between reading the physical book version when I’m at home, and listening to the audiobook version when I’m driving or busy with errands. And I must say that they really hired on some talented narrators for this one! Each voice really fits each particular characters’ POV section, and they’re all just really good out-loud readers.

Timekeeper by Tara Sim: I started listening to this audiobook some weeks ago, when I had to do a lot of commuting for work. The story really intrigues me, and I like the Victorian-ish, steampunk-ish setting. I’m not sure how I feel about the narrator though? So I may have to switch to actually reading this book, when I get my e-reader back.

Fairest by Marissa Meyer:  I’ve been stuck at the halfway point in this audiobook for quite some time now. I kind of want to know where it goes, but at the same time…I’m so bored! I really don’t like Levana, and don’t want to find out more about the awful things she did. But at the same time, this book provides a lot of insight into what happened before Cinder…and all the other books. I will decide whether to DNF this, or keep going, I guess…

Sources: My local library.

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– TV Shows / Dramas –

I recently started watching The 100 again! I left off on season 3, episode 1 (or around there), and am now on season 3, episode 4. I’m hoping this show won’t let me dooooown. I think that my watching of it will be fairly slow, since I usually read or write in my free time, and normally only set aside time for some Netflix when I’m taking my lunch break during the work week, haha. I really need Bellarke to happen though…like nao! (P.S. please don’t spoil it for me if it does happen, or even if it doesn’t hahaha. I’m really not a fan of spoilers.)


This section will be a little busier than it normally is! My boyfriend likes to watch movies as much as I like reading books, and since they’re usually playing on the TV in the room where I normally read, I can’t help but be distracted from my reading (sigh) and end up watching them (double sigh). The first movie that I’ll be mentioning, I began to watch all on my own though, haha. I started watching A Christmas Prince, a Netflix original film, today during my lunch break, and am really liking it! It’s made in the style of a Christmas time TV movies, a style that makes me feel very happy and nostalgic. I wonder if this has anything to do with my growing up in the 90s or not, but anyway. I’m loving it!

My boyfriend also took me out to watch Murder on the Orient Express last night, and it was so good. Ah! I’d never read the original book by Agatha Christie before, or watched any of the previous film adaptations, so the conclusion was a complete surprise for me! I love how I can never guess who the culprit is in Christie’s mysteries! I will be posting a review for this film soon, judging from how the poll that I put up on Twitter is looking like so far!

I unintentionally watched Dunkirk recently as well, because my boyfriend put it on. I don’t really like war movies, because they make me cry like a baby. So I was audiobooking Six of Crows and cutting giveaway ballots for my work while it was playing. But of course, I couldn’t help but watch it without volume, while Six of Crows played in my ears. It was very artsy, and violent, and the music gave me major anxiety! I definitely wouldn’t re-watch it, but can see why fans of WWII would enjoy it. My boyfriend didn’t like it.

We watched Kingsman: The Golden Circle together, and both enjoyed it! I don’t remember the first film exactly, but from what I do remember, this second film was made in the same style as the first one. There was humour, great effects, great visuals, and lots and lots of graphic violence. I love this kind of combination, and actually enjoy watching gore films (haha), but if you don’t enjoy any of those things (mainly the graphic violence), I probably don’t recommend this. But if you do, and you’ve seen and enjoyed the first movie, I would say “watch it nao!”

Since the last update, my sister, my boyfriend, and myself watched Annabelle: Creation. It was quite horrifying, and I screamed quite a bit. Some of the parts with the demon were a little chintzy though. It didn’t look very believable, and I laughed a little at those parts, but I was also quite scared, and refused to walk around in the dark for some days after watching the film hahaha.

Looking ahead, I wanted to let you guys know that I’ll be watching Star Wars: The Last Jedi on Sunday, and will definitely be posting a review. I will also be watching Austenland when my sister comes home for Christmas, and may throw a poll up about whether to write a review or not, on my Twitter. I know that that one’s not recent, but I’d never heard about it until I came across it while looking for a Regency GIF for one of my blog posts one or two weeks ago! Haha.

– Currently Trying –

I was sent a POWERlips fluid lipstick by Darque Dreamer Reads, and independent distributor for NuSkin. I tried it on Sunday, but would like to try it again before I write a full review for it! I can tell you right now though, that this was the most comfortable lip paint that I’ve tried so far!


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14 thoughts on “Currently Reading, Watching, Listening, Trying #13

    1. I think it will be! And even if it’s bad…I kind of enjoy bad movies sometimes lol. Like low budget TV movies….some of those are my favourites of all time 🙂

  1. I’m hoping to watch The Last Jedi within the next couple of weeks — trying to sell it as a family “thing” after Christmas. My husband and I are also super excited to see The Golden Circle at some point, though we’ll probably wait until Netflix or Redbox for that.

    1. Oh nice! I hope that you make it work! It’s definitely a family thing for me 🙂 as it usually is with Star Wars, and USED to be back when LOTR and HP movies were coming out in theatres hehe.

      I hope that you enjoy The Last Jedi and The Golden Circle when you see them! 😀

    1. Hahaha! I used to be able to only read ONE or max TWO books at a time. But I find now with how busy my reading schedules is, I tend to panic if I’m not reading more than 2 at once. It tends to only work for me if they’re all of different genres, or at least different enough for me not to mix them up. So then I’ll pick up whatever I’m in the mood for at any particular time 🙂 and it helps me not get sick of any particular genre!

  2. What an excellent list of reads, audiobooks, and shows/movies. My boyfriend and I have basically no free time this weekend to go see Star Wars so we’ll have to wait until next weekend at least to see it. But it does look good. And I still need to see Austenland; I did enjoy the book when I read it a few years ago.

    1. Thank you Danielle! I hope that you enjoy The Last Jedi when you see it! Hope it won’t make all of us bawl our eyes out, haha. Also, I didn’t know Austenland was a book first! Now I feel conflicted….

      1. Yep. Austenland by Shannon Hale. It was a cute book, but based on the trailer (and what I can remember from when I read it) it looks like a few changes were made to the story. So you probably can get away with watching it first.

  3. I love when you put these posts up SOOOO much! especially since we’ve been SUPER busy & haven’t been able to gush about books and movies lately. Hopefully after the New Year we’ll have more time to chat it up haha! I swear I read this and look at my hubby shaking my head with a “YOU DO THE SAME THING AS FLAVIA’S BOYFRIEND” face HAHA! I can’t read around him cause I always end up watching movies unintentionally. Cruel Prince is SOOOOOO FRIGGIN GOOD! gahhhh! I also hope you LOVE Six of Crows *fingers crossed* I really need to read Furthermore now that I have a copy of Whichwood & I take your word that it is awesome! Let me know thoughts on The Last Jedi, I watched it on Friday & LOVED IT! 🙂

    1. Ahhhhhh that is so good to hear! I wasn’t sure if people liked these posts at all! So, I’m glad that you enjoy them 😀

      Also hahahaha it’s too funny that your hubby and my bf do the same thing!

      And, I loved both The Cruel Prince AND Six of Crows! So yay! Also, I bought Furthermore off Book Outlet today hahaha I almost mised the Boxing Day sale. I’m really enjoying Whichwood 🙂 so it was a must.

      Aaaand I loved The Last Jedi 😀 I’m just sad that it took so long for me to post my review. Christmas was quite insane in my house haha

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