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Currently Reading, Watching, Listening To, Trying (#8)

ezgif-1-f3fef490bdI haven’t made one of these posts since August 16th, so I thought that it was due time to make another! Of course, I can’t bring myself to change the intro GIF for these posts, because it’s so fitting, and it’s BTS, and look at how cute they were with their light/pastel hair colours! My cuties. I still remember when they started out…and now I may have to re-visit my very out of date kpop collection. Haha. But anyway, here’s what I’ve been reading, watching, listening to, and trying!

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Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff – Although this was one of the releases of 2017 that I anticipated the most (because I loved Nevernight and wanted to know where the story would take us next), I had to take a break from it. This is not in any way tied to the plot of the book, or the quality of Kristoff’s writing! I think that (as my friend Lilly at Lair of Books said) this is due to a fantasy burnout! This is rare for me to happen, since fantasy is my favourite genre, but it does happen…and I’m sad, but it also lead me to reading the book which was next on my list:

Warcross by Marie Lu – This book. THIS BOOK! It’s everything that I needed. It is so thrilling, and enjoyable, and addictive! I’d be done the book already if I didn’t have to sleep and do other responsible, adult things. Sigh. But the good thing about that is that now my experience with Warcross will just last longer! Yay. About a quarter into the book, I was already craving the sequel, and feeling anxiety over finishing the book and being left with no more book to read. Haha. Bookworm problems, eh?

A Darker Shade of Magic by Victoria Schwab – I’m also finally reading this book! I bought it early last year, but it sadly sat on my shelf until I discussed reading it with some of my bookish friends on Twitter. I decided to host a readalong for it, and we’re almost done (last discussion on Wednesday!) and most of us have been enjoying it quite a bit! I’m currently finishing this book (audiobook), and I can’t wait to get to the rest of the series!

Sources: I received physical ARCs of these books in exchange for honest reviews from their respective publishers. I personally purchased A Darker Shade of Magic around April of last year.

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I actually haven’t continued anything, or started anything new since finishing the most recent season of Game of Thrones, and finishing the first season of GLOW. I’ve been starting to crave my kdramas a bit more, though, which is good! But, due to full time work, extra contract work, and my busy reading schedule, I don’t think I’ll be starting any kdramas, or other TV shows until mid-November!

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I’m sorry guys, but I also haven’t really seen any movies either. No new releases anyway. My boyfriend’s car and truck both broke down over the course of maybe 1-2 weeks. So we stopped going to the movies so that he could pay for parts. The truck’s all fixed, which is good, cause that thing is his baby and he’s been working on it since before I even met him, haha. The car, on the other hand, we had to sell because it was more work than it was worth…then he bought a Jeep (yay!) but bought it as is, and has been fixing it up, and trying to get it road-ready before the winter for the past few weeks. It’ll be on the road soon, but…no movies until that’s all done! We’re being responsible! Hahaha.

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1 Go Go BTS Love Yourself: 承 ‘Her’ Spotify
2 Mic Drop BTS Love Yourself: 承 ‘Her’ Spotify
3 DNA BTS Love Yourself: 承 ‘Her’ Spotify
4 Serendipity BTS Love Yourself: 承 ‘Her’ Spotify
5 Cherry Bomb NCT 127 CHERRY BOMB Spotify
6 The 7th Sense NCT U The 7th Sense Spotify
7 Fire Truck NCT 127 NCT 127 – the 1st Mini Album Spotify
8 Baby Don’t Like It NCT 127 NCT 127 – the 2nd Mini Album Spotify
9 Power EXO THE POWER OF MUSIC – the 4th Album Spotify

Notes: I’ve been listening to less kpop lately, but am slowly leaning back toward it I think. Completely over my Romanian music phase now, haha. That didn’t last long. On the other hand, I’m currently quite obsessed with Marina and the Diamons’ album FROOT, and the Baby Driver soundtrack, hehe.

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Not trying anything new really. I got a sample pack of 1 primer, 1 mascara, and 1 lipstick when I went to the event at HarperCollins Canada earlier this month (blog post about that here). They’re all by Smashbox, so they’re bound to be good, but I haven’t had a reason to use them yet, and I don’t want to waste any product by just fooling around, hahaha.


I will post a review on here, or on my Insta once I do try them though, so keep an eye out for that if you’re interested!

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17 thoughts on “Currently Reading, Watching, Listening To, Trying (#8)

  1. Don’t ever change your intro gif! <3 I've been having more time to watch stuff recently so whenever you get time to continue Descendants, let me know! I want to read Warcross soooo much!!! I've heard literally nothing but spectacular things about it and Marie Lu is a favorite author of mine.

    1. Okay! I’ll keep it forever! ❤ And yay that’s good! I hope that your mood is better too! And oh my gosh I hope that you get to read it soon! It’s so so so good! I’ve never read any of Marie Lu’s books before, but you can bet that I’ll be reading them now!

  2. eeeeew! I’m so happy Warcross saved you from the looming boom slump! CRISIS AVERTED! haha. It happens though & I think you chose well because I’ve heard really positive reviews for Godsgrave but right now just isn’t the time lol. It’s why I haven’t started Nevernight. I need to be in the right headspace for massive world building. BTW I just finished jammin’ to Shine Forever thanks to you smh lol!

    1. YES THANK YOU! I wouldn’t have averted that crisis without you! I just feel bad because Godsgrave was pubbed before Warcross, so I should be reading and reviewing it first. But I have to come to terms with the fact that things don’t always go our way, I guess. I know what you mean about being in the right headspace too! And haha yaaaaaay so glad you like it 😉 hehehehe

      1. Tardy to the Parddddday! but I’m here! <3 <3 <3 I'm always feeling guilty about these pub dates but ummm I still haven't quite figure out yet how to clone myself and leave my double at work while I read all day sippin' on some tea/coffee bahhhhhhha!

  3. uhhhhh, i hope you can get back to “godsgrave” soon, because it. is. just. so. good!!!! :O
    and i started “warcross” last night, but i had to put it down after one chapter because of a massive headache… but i liked the first chapter haha 😀

    1. I finished Godsgrave yesterday evening and OMG!!!!!!!! I do like Nevernight better but this one was super good too!

      I hope you got back to Warcross!!!!

  4. Well, I’m technically currently reading Tower of Dawn by Sarah J Maas, but I’m thinking I’m going to have to put it aside because I’m just not as invested in this story as I typically am with a Maas book.

    1. Yeah I’ve heard some negative things about Tower of Dawn from a few people…I guess I’ll see if I’ll want to read it or not once I actually start the TOG series lol

      1. I’ve heard from some people who have been ‘meh’ on the last couple ToG books that they actually liked this one, and then others have loved the rest of the series and are just ‘meh’ on this one.

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