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One Creepy Street: The Spider on the Web by Lee Jordan [Review]

downloadTitle: One Creepy Street: The Spider on the Web
Author: Lee Jordan
Type: Fiction
Genre: Children’s, Teens, Young Adult
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
Date published: April 6 2015
Format: E-book
Page Count: N/A
Source: Black Rose Writing

E-copy of the book kindly provided by Black Rose Writing, in exchange for an honest review.

Summary: This type of spider is an expert at deception…

Link to the first book from this series which I have already reviewed: One Creepy Street: Annica’s Broom


Having read one of the books from this series already, I knew what to expect this time going in, and I was pleased yet again!

Lee Jordan has a manner of teaching children and teens about real-life dangers in a fun and safe way. I believe that there should be more books like this!

Where Annica taught audiences about the dangers of texting and flying in Lee Jordan’s other book (link above), in this book she and young readers learn about the dangers of talking to strangers on the internet. And even worse, the dangers of meeting strangers from the internet in person.

The rhymes were extremely amusing, and the illustrations were colourful and detailed. The characters are relatable, and very real, which can help in helping children/teens understand that what happens in the book, could easily happen to them if they are not careful.

I greatly enjoyed this book as an adult, and I believe that it would also be quite enjoyable for readers of all ages. I would buy this book for myself, and for my children. Highly recommended.

Buy on One Creepy Street: The Spider on the Web
Buy on One Creepy Street: The Spider on the Web

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