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Fumbled by Alexa Martin (Review)

Title: Fumbled
Author: Alexa Martin
Type: Fiction
Genre: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Publisher: Berkley Books
(Penguin Random House)

A physical copy of this book was kindly provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

A second chance doesn’t guarantee a touchdown in this new contemporary romance from the author of Intercepted.

Single-mother Poppy Patterson moved across the country when she was sixteen and pregnant to find a new normal. After years of hard work, she’s built a life she loves. It may include a job at a nightclub, weekend soccer games, and more stretch marks than she anticipated, but it’s all hers, and nobody can take that away. Well, except for one person.

TK Moore, the starting wide receiver for the Denver Mustangs, dreamt his entire life about being in the NFL. His world is football, parties, and women. Maybe at one point he thought his future would play out with his high school sweetheart by his side, but Poppy is long gone and he’s moved on.

When Poppy and TK cross paths in the most unlikely of places, emotions they’ve suppressed for years come rushing back. But with all the secrets they never told each other lying between them, they’ll need more than a dating playbook to help them navigate their relationship.

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This book is the second in the Playbook series, but there didn’t seem to be a connection between this book and the first one, Intercepted, and this one (that I could tell). I really wanted to read Intercepted first but ran out of time, so I just dove right into Fumbled. I liked the heroine, Poppy, from the very beginning! She’s a feisty single mom who has made a good life for herself and her son despite some of the hardships she’s had to face and is still facing. She was definitely a strong character, and I liked reading about her.

I also really liked TK! He was described as very handsome and with a beard (which is something I’m always down for, haha). I also liked his personality (of course). Despite how quick of a read Fumbled was for me, I still saw a lot of character development in TK and Poppy both. I also really really liked them together. They had great chemistry and were just fun to read about. I rooted for them from the very first page, hehe. I really enjoyed this book and recommend it whether you like sports romances or even if sports romances aren’t necessary your go-to (as was the case for me)!


Alexa Martin is a writer and stay at home mom. She lives in Colorado with her husband, a former NFL player who now coaches at the high school where they met, their four children, and a German Shepherd. When she’s not telling her kids to put their shoes on…again, you can find her catching up with her latest book boyfriend or on Pinterest pinning meals she’ll probably never make. Her first book, Intercepted, was inspired by the eight years she spent as an NFL wife.



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7 thoughts on “Fumbled by Alexa Martin (Review)

  1. I haven’t read the first book also and just read a review on it, I think I would read Fumbled first though lol, great straight to the point review Flavia!

    1. Oh cool! Yeah I don’t think any of the characters from Intercepted showed up in Fumbled….but I could be wrong haha. I do remember checking the names of the characters in Intercepted though * shrug *

      And haha thank you! Yeah it was a bit on the short side. But I said what I had to say, so I didn’t feel the need to add anything just to make it longer lol

  2. I’ve heard great things about this one. And sometimes I get in the mood for romances and these would be perfect. But I’m not so much into sports themed ones (usually) – how much does that play a role? I know that sounds dumb based on the titles, but I’m just curious.

    1. That doesn’t sound dumb at all! I think that it played maybe 50% of a role in the overall story? 🙂 so it wasn’t just “football this” “football that” haha

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