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“Turn to Page 394” Thursdays (#5)

ezgif-2335726244It’s that time again! I’m sorry I didn’t make one of these posts last week. I just didn’t have it in me. And I’ve forgotten why. This week is another story, however! I should be working on the first book which I’m editing, but it’s scientific and such…aka…no fun at all! So I’m taking a break and writing this post up for you all.

For those of you who don’t know, “Turn to Page 394” Thursdays is a book meme created by me in order to honour a great actor (Alan Rickman), as well as a great character (Severus Snape). Since Alan Rickman left this world on a Thursday, that is the day on which I have chosen to host this book meme! You can see more details in my initial post here.

How does it work? You pick a book (that has 394 pages or more, of course), turn to page 394 in that book, and post a passage,
or the whole page (whichever you think will be Harry_Potter_and_the_Cursed_Child_Special_Rehearsal_Edition_Book_Cover
more interesting), and then discuss it! I’ve been having fun with it, and all are welcome to join! Just share the link to your “Turn to Page 394” Thursday post in the comments below, and share the button for the blog hop in your post (not required, but it would make me happy!)

This week I have also decided to add something to this blog meme which will make it even more fun! Even though I’m playing by myself at the moment, haha, all are welcome to join me! There now will be weekly Harry Potter themed questions with each post!

And this week’s question (due to the recent release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child) is:

Who would you rather befriend? Albus Severus Potter or Scorpius Malfoy?

I will provide my answer at the end of this post!

The book I have selected for today is the book with first turned me into a bookworm. This book is also the book which introduced me to high fantasy, while the rest of the series nourished and grew my love for high fantasy.

Wizard's_First_RuleTerry Goodkind’s Wizards First Rule!

Summary: Millions of readers the world over have been held spellbound by this valiant tale vividly told.

Now, enter Terry Goodkind’s world, the world of the Sword of Truth.

In the aftermath of the brutal murder of his father, a mysterious woman, Kahlan Amnell, appears in Richard Cypher’s forest sanctuary seeking help … and more. His world, his very beliefs, are shattered when ancient debts come due with thundering violence.

In their darkest hour, hunted relentlessly, tormented by treachery and loss, Kahlan calls upon Richard to reach beyond his sword– to invoke within himself something more noble. Neither knows that the rules of battle have just changed … or that their time has run out.

This is the beginning. One book. One Rule. Witness the birth of a legend.

…The eyes of the six were glazed, far off, as if they were seeing things others didn’t. Kahlan felt a chill.
Their ancestors’ spirits were with them.
The Bird Man spoke to them. When he seemed satisfied by whatever it was they told him, he nodded and the six rose, walking in a line toward the spirit house. The sound of the drums and the boldas changed in a way that ran bumps up her arms. The Bird Man strode back to them, his eyes as sharp and intense as ever.
“It is time, “ he told her. “Richard and I must go now.ezgif-1172637349.gif
What do you mean, `Richard and I’? I’m going too.
You cannot.
Why ?
Because a gathering is only men.
I am the Seeker’s guide, I must be there to translate.
The Bird Man’s eyes shifted about in an uncomfortable manner. “But a gathering is only men,” he repeated, seemingly unable to come up with a better reason.
She folded her arms. “Well, this one will have a woman.
Richard looked from her face to the Bird Man’s and back again, knowing by the tone of her voice that something was going on, but deciding not to interfere. The Bird Man leaned a little closer to her and lowered his voice.
When we meet the spirits, it must be as they are.
Her eyes narrowed. “Are you trying to tell me that you can’t wear clothes?
He took a deep breath and nodded. “And you must be painted with mud.
105tv1k.gifFine,” she said, holding her head up. “I have no objections.
He leaned back a little. “Well, what about the Seeker? Maybe you would like to ask him what he feels about you doing this.
She held his eyes for a long time, then turned to Richard. “I need to explain something to you. When a person calls a gathering, they are sometimes asked questions by the spirits, through the elders, to be sure they are acting of noble intent. If you answer a question in a way that a spirit ancestor finds dishonorable or untruthful . . . they may kill you. Not the elders, the spirits.”
“I have the sword,” he reminded her…

3099830941_1_17_RA3lYtrU.gifMy dad read to me from this book when I was about thirteen, and when he was a few chapters in and didn’t have time to read to me, I just took the 1000 page tome and read it myself! It was the biggest book I’d read at the time, and it immediately left me wanting more. Thankfully there were a few more books from the series out already by this point, and I got right to reading the second one. Most of the books in the series are just as thick as the first one, and I just ate right through them.

Some of you may know that a TV version of this series started airing in 2008, and was titled “Legend of the Seeker.” It stopped airing in 2011…not sure why. I didn’t make it through all of the episodes because I started graduate school, and they had changed a lot of parts which I liked in the books. All in all, the series still made me fangirl most times! Especially when they introduced the Mord Sith!

Not to mention…Richard is really nice to look at….and Richard + Kahlan 4EVA! Plus Kahlan is also badass and a great example to other women. She’s independent and strong and just amazing.

legend-of-the-seeker-20091105054019703_640w.jpgBut yes, the Mord Sith are one of my favourite parts of these series (the book and the TV show). They’re just so beautiful and broken. And must I say more? Oh…maybe I should say….DIVERSITY!?

I always have a soft spot for broken but strong things. And the Mord Sith always struck a sensitive chord with me. I cried for them while reading the books, as well as when watching the show.

I’m not sure who made this amazing set…but I love it. Anyway, fangirling over. My point is, if you like high fantasy, an epic romance, adventure, magical creatures and humans, magic in general…then this is a series for you!

Have you read any of the Sword of Truth books? Or have you watched the show? And do you have a book that sort of started it all for you? Let me know in the comments below!

5f211e1de87b108b3af1ce23b46bb3dbAnd now for my answer to this week’s question! Who would you rather befriend? Albus Severus Potter or Scorpius Malfoy?

I choose…Scorpius of course!!! Sorry Albus, haha. But I absolutely adored Scorpius! And I don’t know if that’s because he’s just amazing, or because Draco is my favourite character from the original series. But there you have it. (And this is how he looks inside my head, haha.)

Who would you choose?! Let me know in the comments below, or make a “Turn to Page 394” Thursday post of your own!

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