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“Turn to Page 394” Thursdays (#1)

ezgif-2335726244Finalllyyy! This is actually happening! My first “Turn to Page 394” Thursday post! It’s midnight here, so yes, it is Thursday now hahaha. I would normally post this later, during the day, but I will be leaving town for Canada Day weekend, and will therefore not have timeee…So, anyway, I find it fitting that the first book I will use for the first post of this blog hop should by my favourite Harry Potter book: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Before you ask, no, I did not pick this book because the first three don’t have enough pages (I think), although Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is my 2nd favourite book in the series. I mean, I could have picked book 4, if this was about page count, but book 4 kind of…made me angry at times, so it’s lower down on my list. Hahaha.

So anyway here is the section which caught my eye:

Harry walked around the other pairs, trying to correct those who were doing the spell wrong. Ginny was teamed with Michael Corner; she was doing very well, whereas Michael was either very bad or unwilling to jinx her. Ernie Macmillan was flourishing his wand unnecessarily, giving his partner time to get in under his guard; the Creevey brothers were enthusiastic but erratic and mainly responsible for all the books leaping off the shelves around them. Luna Lovegood was similarly patchy, occasionally sending Justin Finch-Fletchley’s wand spinning out of his hand, at other times merely causing his hair to stand on end.
“Okay, stop!” Harry shouted. “Stop! STOP !”
I need a whistle, he thought, and immediately spotted one lying on top of the nearest row of books. He caught it up and blew hard. Everyone lowered their wands.

And what a coincidence! This happens to ezgif-2852957193 smaller.gifbe one of my favourite moments from the book! The Room of Requirements, and Harry practicing magic with the rest of Dumbledore’s Army! Even though the circumstances which lead a group of kids to learn defensive magic on their own in secret make me sad, these parts in the book (and in the films) give me a warm and fuzzy feeling. I maybe also tear up a bit…

D.a._list.gifEvery time I read these books and watch these movies, I get a little upset at how the children seem to have more common sense than the adults. And I end up feeling like a helpless child again. Then I remember that I am an adult now, and I also remind myself that I will trust my children’s instincts when it comes to certain things. Or I will try my best to, anyway.

Gah, I can’t get over how successful this Page 394 find was! This was the first book I thought of too! When thinking about this blog hop, I had initially wondered what would happen if page 294 of whichever book I chose would be a boring one. Would I pick another book? Should it be the first book you open up on that page, or can you go through books until you find the right one for your post?

Let me know what you guys think! Also, feel free to join in and share the link to your “Turn to Page 394” Thursday blog post if you make one! I would love to see/read them!

Note: If you do join in, please just link back to my blog, or my blog post discussing the blog hop an what to do. Also, you can include the image below in your post or on your blog if you would like to~

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