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The Witches Moon™ (Subscription Box Review)

Product: The Witches Moon Subscription Box
Type: Surprise subscription crate/box
What: “The Witches Moon provides the supplies necessary to practice your craft…”
Company: The Witches Moon™
Current price: $45 USD
Shipping: $9 shipping within the U.S., $24 shipping to Canada, and $33 shipping for international countries.
Source: Company

– Product Description –

The Witches Moon™ is a company that offers 2 kinds of  surprise subscription boxes. The Witches Moon Subscription Box (which I received a sample of for review) goes out each month and contains pagan inspired items.

“The Moon Box will include carefully picked and handcrafted materials that correlate with the distinct powers of each full moon to amplify your ritual’s impact. Years of research, practice and respect for this craft have gone into the making of these magickal items. Just some of the items that you might find in The Witches Moon Subscription are handmade candles, beautiful crystals, herbs, talismans, incense, altar tools and much more! We have provided guidance through the scrolls that are provided in each box and leave you with a blank scroll to chart your own intention. A successful ritual is needed for your spiritual and intellectual growth. Our goal is to deliver the most qualified and effective tools. So mote it be!” – The Witches Moon™

– Full Unboxing –

The March box which I received contained the following items:

  • The Witches Pentacle Candle Holder
  • Elder Futhark Runes with Velvet Pouch
  • Magick of Merlin Candle Pair with Spell
  • Vegvisir Sigil
  • Speak To Me Magical Oil
  • Spirit Calling Sacred Salt
  • Red Moss Agate
  • Holy Wood Palo Santo
  • Guided Vision Crimson Herbal Tea
  • Pouch of Paw Paw Herb
  • Pouch of Daminia Leaf
  • Sandalwood Incense
  • Personalized Oracle Reading
  • Parchment Paper
  • Rune Book of Shadows Art Work

– My Review –

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This subscription box has got to be the most epic one that I have yet ordered/received! I really want to thank the awesome The Witches Moon™ team for sending me the amazing The Witches Moon box for the month of March! That was my birthday month, so I felt (and still fee) immensely blessed! I strongly believe in self care on one’s birthday, but also all year round, and all of the contents (show and listed above) have really contributed to my self care routine. In addition, the items that I received in this subscription box have also aided me in feeling more in touch with my own spirit, as well as the spiritual world as a whole. With the help of the items included in the March The Witches Moon box, I have really begun to pay more attention to the health of my physical, and nonphysical, self.

I will admit, that since I am a novice when it comes anything wiccan or witch-related (such as rituals and the like), one of my goals for this year was to become more knowledgeable and involved in such things/activities/habits this year. I am tacking baby steps, such as encouraging more tarot readings from my father, wanting to learn how to do my own tarot readings, purchasing my first oracle deck, and attempting to best understand and employ the items in The Witches Moon subscription box. And I will now discuss each item in the order that they are listed in the “Full Unboxing” section above (and also want to note how great it is, that The Witches Moon team has included a parchment containing detailed descriptions of each item, what they mean, some history, and how to use them!): the Witches Pentacle Candle Holder is one of the larger items included in the box, and I have really enjoyed displaying it and taking photos of it; the Elder Futhark Runes with Velvet Pouch are so awesome! I haven’t yet used them, because I want to learn more about them (and I’m scared), but I will definitely be making use of them in the future; the Magick of Merlin Candle Pair with Spell are also great! I really love the white candles with their sparkles and could stare at them all day. I think that including a spell is also great, although I haven’t tried it yet, for the same reason as the runes; the Vegvisir Sigil looks fantastic, and I have it displayed in my living room. I also like the story behind it, since it’s apparently an Icelandic way-finder meant to “assist us in finding our way through rough weather;” the Speak To Me Magical Oil smells great, although this is another item that I felt too inexperienced to use for now. I look forward to becoming advanced enough to know how to use it properly; the Spirit Calling Sacred Salt, on the other hand, I have used, and I must say that my bath was quite relaxing and I felt infinitely better and more centered afterward; the Red Moss Agate is another item which I have on display, but have not yet dared to use in any active way. It will definitely be employed once I am more confident in my knowledge and skills; I have burned part of the Holy Wood Palo Santo, and must say that it has a very distinct smell. I used it to clear my space, as instructed, and find that it definitely had some effects, though I may need to use it more regularly; the Guided Vision Crimson Herbal Tea was one of my favourite items! I love the strong cranberry flavour (even though I normally don’t like cranberry at all, haha), and this tea is also great for any ladies suffering from particular “lady issues,” haha. They also included a reusable muslin tea bag, which I have used a lot since (between regular washes of course!); I have used the Paw Paw herbs in the bath (with the intention of reversing a hex or jinx that may have been placed on me, as well as intensifying my connections with those close to me, whereas I have not yet used the Daminia Leaf herbs, because they have to be burned (but I will have the house to myself in May and will be sure to burn them then); the Sandalwood Incense, on the other hand, I have burned because my housemates enjoy the smell, and I absolutely love them as well; including the Personalized Oracle Reading in each box is a nice touch, in my opinion, as was the addition of the Parchment Paper, since I have been able to write some of the things that I have learned on it; and finally, Rune Book of Shadows Art Work is also on display in my living room, and will be very useful in my learning how to use the runes!

– My Top 3 Items –

1. Magick of Merlin Candle Pair with Spell
2. Guided Vision Crimson Herbal Tea
3. Elder Futhark Runes with Velvet Pouch

I won’t lie, at first I was a little worried about the price (especially when adding the shipping cost for Canada), but now that I’ve been able to experience one of these subscription boxes, and considering how many items are included, I must say that it is 100% worth the money!

– Purchase Links –

You can purchase your own The Witches Moon or The Witches Bounty
subscription box directly from The Witches Moon™


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    1. Yeah it is! I couldn’t believe how many items came with it. And yeah that’s one of the 2 Merlin candles that came in the box 🙂 I love them!

  1. I have been using Runes for years, I really enjoy them. Heads up, store them in salt for a little to “clear” them out. If you ever have any questions I will be happy to help. 🙂

    1. Right? And you can really tell that they put a lot of thought into every item that they include. And I was impressed by how many items came in the box as well!

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