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The Great Cannabis Conspiracy by Dr. Samuel Mellace (ARC Review)

the great cannabis conspiracyTitle: The Great Cannabis Conspiracy
Author: Dr. Samuel Mellace
Type: Nonfiction
Genre: Biography, Memoir
Publisher: Prism Publishers
Date published: November 1, 2017
Format: Paperback

A physical copy of this book was kindly provided by the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.

DescriptionIn less than two years, Dr. Samuel Mellace experienced a life-threatening car accident, a prescription opioid addiction, diabetes and cancer. He was an ex-convict who was looking to turn around his life, but instead he found himself fighting for it.

Meanwhile, cannabis was a drug that was slowly turning its fortunes around, too, from a history of stigma and prohibition to a new era of curiosity, openness and incredible medical science.

So Sam did a thing that surprised himself: he bought a farm in British Columbia and started growing weed. He was one of the first to be licensed under Canada’s medical marijuana law, and because of his unusual combination of pain and disease, he fought for and won the right to grow more cannabis than anyone in North America.

Then he started to discover the flaws in the system—the gaps between bureaucracy and decency, between education and criminalization, between dignity and shame. So he began to learn about the budding science of cannabinology, to build a community of patients and heroes, and to fight for “Dignified Access” as a principle, a policy prescription, and a human right. And in doing so, Sam found an enemy even more dangerous than the ones from his criminal past: An ugly conspiracy of corrupt power, ignorance, stigma, criminalization and greed that has been threatening the lives of patients for more than a century.

The story of Sam Mellace, like the story of cannabis, is the story of a struggle for redemption, understanding, and justice. Standing in the way of all of that is the Great Cannabis Conspiracy.

– My Review –

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I went into reading this book with little knowledge about cannabis, and absolutely no knowledge whatsoever about medical cannabis. The only other thing that I knew before opening this book was that there had been talk about cannabis being legalized in Canada, and that this would occur in July of 2018. The Great Cannabis Conspiracy, while being categorized as a biography/memoir, provides a compelling historical overview of the cannabis plant, covering ancient to modern history, while effectively describing where the plant stands in relation to our society and government in the present day.

Dr. Mellace’s narrative voice is welcoming and makes you want to continue reading long past your bedtime. While I normally struggle with nonfiction that contains a lot of information, this book made me eager to read and to learn more about Dr. Samuel Mellace’s life, as well as about this remarkable healing plant. The tone is engaging, and even when certain scientific details are discussed, it feels more like someone is sitting in my living room, telling me a story, rather than a professor lecturing from the front of a lecture hall. Despite not having a very advanced education in science, I found it all to be both comprehensive and accessible!

It was also a very heartbreaking, and simultaneously heart-warming, tale that Dr. Mellace shares with us in this book. Dr. Mellace discusses the many obstacles he has faced, and still has to face today, but also shares with us how he has helped others and how he continues to do so. Dr. Mellace believes that patients and their needs should be of a higher priority than money, and he shares some eye-opening material about the greed and ignorance of certain political factions as well as large corporations.

This book, while nowhere near the size of a university textbook, still contains a lot of information, and this information was relayed in a straightforward, concise manner. I find that I am now much more educated on cannabis from a scientific, as well as from a political, point of view, and I am grateful for the clear manner in which this material was passed on to me through the pages of The Great Cannabis Conspiracy.

I recommend this book to everyone, because all people should be well-informed about the cannabis plant and related legislation. I also recommend this book to those who enjoy reading memoirs/autobiographies, those who enjoy historical nonfiction, and also those who would enjoy reading an inspiring story about a man’s path to redemption.

– About the Author –

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Dubbed thing “King of Pot” by National Geographic’s Lisa Ling, Dr. Sam Mellace has been one of Canada’s leading medical marijuana advocates since he was first prescribed cannabis to treat pain and liver complications from a brutal car accident. Like many of his patients, Sam is also a cancer survivor, and has treated thousands of people living with a variety of pain, disease and illnesses with his cannabis oils, extracts and other remedies. He believes in establishing a national framework for Dignified Access, and further advocates for a Royal Commission on Canadian cannabis policy and legality that will enshrine Dignified Access in future legislation. He famously (and legally) smoked a joint in the House of Commons in 2010 to protest the government’s failed medical-marijuana policies.

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