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The Brilliant Dark by S.M. Beiko (Blog Tour: Feature & Excerpt)

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Thank you so much to ECW Press for selecting me to be a part of the The Brilliant Dark by S.M. Beiko Blog Tour! I have been following this series and Beiko (I actually got to meet her in Toronto last year!) from the beginning and I read and really enjoyed the first book. So, I’m very happy to announce the final installment in the The Realms of Ancient series and to also share an excerpt from the newest book by S.M. Beiko!

⤖ About the Book ⬻

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TitleThe Brilliant Dark
Author: S.M. Beiko
Type: Fiction
Genre: YA, Fantasy
Publisher: ECW Press
Published: September 24, 2019

Note: This book is part of a series, so there may be spoilers for a previous book/books in the synopsis below.

The highly anticipated final installment in Beiko’s thrilling YA fantasy trilogy.

It’s been seven years since the Denziens, an unseen people with elemental powers, were unmasked, and seven years since Roan Harken and Eli Rathgar disappeared into the Brilliant Dark.

Marked by Darklings and Death alike, Saskia is a mechanically minded Mundane, raised by Barton and Phae on daring stories about Roan Harken. But the world Roan left behind is in turmoil. The Darklings now hang in the sky as a threatening black moon, and with the order-maintaining Elemental Task Guard looking to get rid of all Denziens before they rebel, Saskia’s only option is to go into the Brilliant Dark and bring Roan back.

But nothing is ever that simple.

The Brilliant Dark is the final, thrilling chapter in this series about gods, monsters, and the people who must decide if they’re willing to pay the ultimate price to protect the family they found . . . in a world that may not be worthy of saving.

⤖ The Brilliant Dark Excerpt ⬻

She made it to the range road — the ring of high-security fencing and military vehicle access roads around what was once the provincial parliamentary building of Manitoba. Now it was an army palace for

Task Guard only, hiding gods-knew-what beneath the sprawling complex.

There was still some kind of commotion going on towards the front of the building, likely where the blast had originated, and Saskia threw herself down into the cold, wet grass as another explosion went off.

A siren was sounding. She had to act fast.

Her bag was already on the ground beside her, and she yanked out the heavy spikes, their cords trailing thick as her thumbs. She hooked the clamps at the end of them to the posts on the enormous control box, then shoved the spikes into the ground. Atop these were the caged speakers. She turned every dial up, and though the buzzing was low, it vibrated harshly in her shivering stomach. She hesitated only another second before hitting the main button on the huge device.

The sound that the device emitted was like the weapon the Elemental Task Guard favoured — a hand-held baton, shaped almost like a spear, that gave off a terrible smell of ozone before it was slammed into the belly of anyone not cooperating, shocking them to a crumpled pile. Set phasers to stun. Except Saskia’s version put out a high-pitched sonic wave that temporarily shorted out the electricity on the perimeter fence, including all spotlights directed on camera blind spots, and the sirens.

It also left a gap in their digital fence, something Saskia was about to burst through.

Body low, she rushed towards the part of the fence that had been taken out in the blast. The Task Guard soldiers were otherwise occupied at the front steps of the building, and she’d have the element of surprise on her side now that they were shouting, scrambling. She took out the VR visor, slid her finger across the banged-up tablet, and shoved it into the back of her jeans. The firewall was down. Her code was doing its parasitic work in their periphery system and would provide ample distraction for those in the Old Leg’s control centre in the massive dome Saskia stared up at.

The Dome was once the eye of the Owl’s authority, but no longer, the story went on. A lot had changed. But that wasn’t going to stop her now.

Saskia dropped the VR visor over her eyes, slid on her micro-sensored gloves, and lowered into the stance she’d seen her real hero, first-hand, drop into before rushing in.

“Showtime,” she muttered.

⤖ Praise for Scion of the Fox ⬻

“For those who appreciate the development of complex and detailed worlds, Beiko’s creation is a gift. . . Scion of the Fox is a big, ambitious book bursting with a well-crafted magical world. Beiko wrestles her intricate plot well, pulling the threads together at the end to set up the next instalment in an intriguing way, with a protagonist who has grown, changed, and is likely to earn a dedicated following.” — Quill & Quire on Scion of the Fox

“A smart, complex, animal-based fantasy.” — Kirkus Reviews on Scion of the Fox

“Scion of the Fox is exciting and action-packed, with a team of diverse and interesting characters learning to work together and trust each other in the face of horrifying danger . . . A highly readable adventure that will appeal to fans of both horror and fantasy.” — Canadian Review of Materials on Scion of the Fox

⤖ Praise for Children of the Bloodlands ⬻

“A densely packed, well-crafted sequel that will leave readers eager for the trilogy’s finale.” — Kirkus Reviews on Children of the Bloodlands

“The five protagonists are vibrant and well developed characters, realistically diverse . . . The world is interesting, the mythology is unique, and the characters are engaging.” — CM: Canadian Review of Materials on Children of the Bloodlands

“[An] intricately plotted and pleasantly creepy volume. Roan, with her sarcasm, intensity, and increasing world-weariness, is a compelling, realistic protagonist . . . This action-packed Canadian animal fantasy trilogy is recommended for its unique mythology and diverse characters.” — School Library Journal (online) on Children of the Bloodlands

⤖ About the Author ⬻

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S.M. Beiko is a writer of whatever tromps into her head at the time–but mostly it is YA fantasy and its derivatives. Her first novel, a young adult fantasy set in rural Manitoba called The Lake and the Library, was nominated for the Manitoba Book Award for Best First Book, as well as the 2014 Aurora Award. Her next series, The Realms of Ancient, has been signed for a three book deal with ECW Press. The first book, Scion of the Fox, will be out in October 2017. The sequels to follow are Children of the Bloodlands and The Brilliant Dark in the subsequent years (2018 and 2019). Samantha currently resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and is the co-chair of the Winnipeg ChiSeries, a reading series that highlights speculative writers in various panels, readings, and workshops. She is also the co-organizer, along with Hope Nicholson (Bedside Press) and Alicia May (Dandizette Cosmetics) of Winnipeg Geek Girls Social Club. She apologizes in advance if she ignores you when a dog walks by.

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