Quiz: Sort Your Dog into a Hogwarts House

This post is something a little different from what I normally publish on this blog. I saw this quiz on AKBookworm’s blog, and immediately felt the urge to take this quiz for my doggie! It looked like it’d be so much fun! And it was. I also had to find GIFs to go with the quiz hahaha. This quiz was created by AKBookworm, so please be sure to credit her and link to her blog if you decide to take / post this quiz as well!

1. You take your dog to the a brand new dog park. They:
a. Bravely bounce into the park, introducing themselves to all the dogs.
b. Stick right by your side, annoyed if another dog tries to approach you.
c. Are mostly interested in the agility toys (hoops, jumps) set up.
d. Quickly introduce themselves to the other humans present, figuring out how to get pets/scratches from each.

2. You place a treat under one of three upside-down cups. They:
a. Wait for you to reveal where the treat is.
b. Sniff until they’ve found the right cup, and push it over to receive the treat.
c. Immediately go to the correct cup and treat, no sniffing required.
d. Knock over all three cups to find the treat.

3. A visitor comes over for the first time. Your dog:
a. Runs happily up to the person, wagging their tail.
b. Sticks by your side until you indicate that the visitor is okay.
c. Does something new and unexpected each time you have a new visitor.
d. Doesn’t let the person in until they have been thoroughly sniffed and approved of.

4. It’s time for a treat! Your dog prefers:
a. Pretty much anything you give them. They’re always up for something new!
b. A simple puzzle toy, like a Kong filled with peanut butter
c. A complex puzzle toy, where they have to solve a puzzle to get a treat dispensed (like a shuffle board or flip board)
d. A chew, such as a bull stick or beef knuckle

5. Does your dog have any nervous habits?
a. Nope, they’re always confident.
b. They yawn.
c. They hide.
d. They stick out their tongue or lick their nose.

6. Does your dog bark a lot?
a. Only if approached by an unfamiliar dog or person.
b. All the time.
d. Only if you ask them to “speak”.
d. Yes, but only at a low volume.
*** None of these haha. He only barks when he wants to be let
inside and no one hears him paw at the back door.

7. You take your dog to an obedience class. They:
a. Grow bored after a while and start exploring the area.
b. Keep trying until they get every command perfectly.
c. Pick the commands up quicker than all the other dogs in the class.
d. Figure out how to get to the treats without following a command.

8. Would your dog make a good service dog?
a. Maybe. They’re generally kind to everyone, but also love adventures.
b. Absolutely! My dog would do anything for me.
c. Sure – they’re a quick learner.
d. Nope, there’s no way they wouldn’t get into trouble.

9. You take your dog hiking. They:
a. Run ahead to scout out the trail.
b. Never get tired and stick by your side the whole time.
c. Want to sniff everything.
d. Stay close, but as the leader of your “pack.”

10. You give your dog a new toy. They:
a. Destroy it.
b. Are obsessed with it and play with it for hours.
c. Quickly grow bored with it.
d. Would rather play with the packaging.

– Results –

6 x D || 1 x A || 1 x B || 1 x C

My Slytherin pup!

Mostly As: Gryffindor – your dog is courageous, brave, and chivalrous.
Mostly Bs: Hufflepuff – your dog is a hard worker, is patient, just, and loyal.
Mostly Cs: Ravenclaw – your dog is intelligent, creative, a quick learner, and witty.
Mostly Ds: Slytherin – your dog is ambitious, cunning, resourceful, and a good leader.

(House descriptions from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hogwarts.)

Yaaaaay my doggie is a Slytherin just like his mommy! Slytherin pride! (Well, I’m a Slytherclaw but … yeah … close enough (he doesn’t much care for intellectual pursuits haha)! I had a feeling that he would probably be a Slytherin!


30 thoughts on “Quiz: Sort Your Dog into a Hogwarts House

    1. Haha isn’t it?! And isn’t that funny? 😛 Also I don’t know if there is a version for cats, but I’d say it’s worth looking into!

  1. This is the cutest quiz!! I think my older dog would be a Slytherin because she’s quite judgmental and has a bit of a temper, but my younger dog would be a Ravenclaw because he’s much smarter than my other dog!!

  2. Ahaha awesome! 😀 My dog is a Slytherin/Gryffindor mix (how do you call that?), same as me, unbelievable! 😀 And the gifs are awesome hahaha. 😀 And your dog is a fluffy fluffensy fluffball of fluffiness.

    1. Ohhh awesome! And I’d maybe call it a Slytherdor? Hahaha. And it’s so awesome that you match! I’m a Slytherclaw personally 😛 and yeeeees he IS a fluffy fluffensy fluffball of fluffiness! <3 Hahaha

  3. eeek !! the wiener dog gif!! it actually comes from a Heinz ketchup publicity – I loved that one xD

    I’ll do it along too, why not. S= Sheik, K= Kafei
    1.S-a K-b, 2.They’re hunting dogs.. both b. 3. both b…with excessive yapping xD 4. S-a K-d 5.?? 6. both b.. Sheik is high pitched aswell .. 7.probably d xD both head as hard as a rock.. 8. S-d K-b 9. S-a K-c.. and pee on it. 10. a xD nothing last with wieners..

    I feel like kafei has mostly Bs, so Hufflepuff for him ! Sheiik.. more As ? possibly? Gryffendor. I can see it. She also is more chevalresque than her brother so xD which is a WHOLE different story when she’s alone. very skittish.. which surprised us quite a bit.

    1. Hahaha yeah I’d seen the commercial but forgot what the gif was from by the time I found it.

      And ooo good call on using S and K! And yaaaay for sorting your puppies as well! 😀

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