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Olympic Book Tag


With the Olympics coming up, this tag is just perfect! Thank you It Starts at Midnight for such a fun tag! This will help all of us deal with having to wait for the Olympics to start on Aug. 5th!

And well, here goes!



I was hooked on this book and series from the very first page! HOOKED. I wish that I could forget both books just so I could experience them all over again. Ugh. Insta-love.



I read this one a looooong time ago! I don’t really read road trip books, haha, so this one will have to do…even if I don’t remember if it was good or not. I think it was good…



In my opinion there isn’t really such a thing as a “good love triangle,” haha, they frustrate me to no end. I think they’re over used and it’s just boring and annoying when an author uses a love triangle to glean interest from readers at this point. BUT if I had to pick one that in my opinion is “good,” I would go with the Katniss-Peeta-Gale triangle from The Hunger Games because she wound up with who I wanted her to wind up with! (Look at that, no spolers 😛 hahaha)


lotf3-320x483 thegiver

These are the only books that I can think of, that I didn’t actually “get”…and that was only at the time when I had read them. I had to read both of these for school (yay Canada), and Lord of the Flies just scared me, while I had just moved to Canada when I read The Giver and I didn’t know English too well yet. Plus they were already half-way into the book when I started at that school. Years later, I finally understood the message in Lord of the Flies, though I’ll never read it again anyway, and I recently saw the movie version of The Giver and actually really liked and understood it!



This is still one of my favourite Shakespeare plays/books! I’ll need to read it again soon.



Definite…100% Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. This book left me weeping, blabbering mess!



Deeeeefinitely Gone Girl! I won’t say anything else, so as not to spoil!



I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve read it. But there you have it. This book, when I read it in 2009, sliced at my soul and then poured salt all over it. I was such a mess while reading it, that my mom threatened to take the book away from me, hahaha.



I read this in grade 11, and I think I may have been a bit too young for it at the time. But I still liked it. Just found that it moved fairly slow…



I LOVED this series! I owned it when I lived in Austria and therefore read it in German, but I bought it in English some years back, when I remembered it and vigorously searched for what it would be called in English haha. I have yet to re-read them!



I’m not sure if this counts, because I haven’t read it. But this book/series has been on my wishlist for some time! I need to read them asap!



I struggled to finish this book, not because I disliked the book itself, or the author. I’m just not the biggest fan of Page, the main character. I’ll have to read the next book in the series soon, because it’s not about Page, hahaha.



Definitely Harry Potter and the Philosoper’s Stone, because this is the start of the Harry-Hermione-Ron friendship! I also like this new book cover, because it features all 3 of them AND Hagrid, rather than just Harry on his own. I may have to buy the whole series in this version because my first 2 books are paperbacks and falling apart!



The only one I can think of. Haha. I don’t like reading about sports very much….but this was a cute boy love story (from what I remember), so I sucked it up and read it, haha.

Well, that was fun! And I’m just all the more excited for the Olympics now! My favourites are gymnastics and soccer! What about you?

8 thoughts on “Olympic Book Tag

  1. Aww, this is such a cute tag! I definitely didn’t understand the Giver when I was reading through the first few pages, but eventually I actually ended up quite enjoying the book! The movie was kind of boring in my opinion, but maybe that’s because it was in black & white?

    Now that I think about it, I, too, don’t read too many sport-related novels, lol. xD

    -Jess @jbelkbooks

    1. Hehe yeah I thought it’d be fun when I saw it first! And hmmm maybe I’ll have to give the Giver another try. And wasn’t it black and white because the characters could only see black and white? I don’t remember. And haha I’m glad I’m not alone! 😀

      1. Yeah, you’re right. The characters saw in black & white (which was interesting, don’t get me wrong), but the movie was just a little…boring(?) so to say. If you ever do give it another try definitely let me know what you think! 🙂

        -Jess @jbelkbooks

        1. Haha yeahhh I wouldn’t say it was the best movie ever haha or that it was amazing. Maybe I thought it was good because it was good in comparison to the book? Who knows. And will do! Judging by the size of my TBR though, I doubt I’ll get to it anytime soon!

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