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Geek N Pretty: The Pretty Box (Subscription Box Review)

Product: Geek N Pretty: The Pretty Box
Type: Surprise subscription crate/box
What: Kbeauty, 5 cosmetics full-size
Company: Geek N Pretty
Made in: South Korea
Current price: $29.90 CAD
Shipping: $14 within Canada, 13 and 22 EUR to France
Source: Company

– Product Description –

Geek N Pretty is a company that offers 2 kinds of kbeauty surprise subscription boxes. The Pretty Box (which I received a sample of for review) contains 5 full-sized products, while the Pretty Deluxe Box contains 9 full-sized products. Here is what was in my particular Pretty Box, left to right:

– My Review –

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Overall, I really like the packaging of this subscription box, and everything was packed so that it wouldn’t get damaged. The pink tissue paper was also cute, as was the pink Geek N Pretty sticker!

The first thing that is on the list, and the first thing that I also tried was the nail polish! I’d always wanted to try and wear blue nail polish, but never really felt brave enough for it. Imagine my joy when the colour that came in my box was this beautiful royal blue! I tried it on right away, and was impressed that I only needed 2 coats to get the look that I got in the picture on the right. The colour was vibrant, the formula of the nail polish felt great, and I was very pleased at how long this nail polish lasted on me, because I’m not very careful when it comes to my nails, and find that I usually destroy at least one nail by the first day, haha. Overall, I would give this nail polish (or at least this particular shade by this brand) 5 out of 5!

The next thing that I tried was the banana milk hand cream! Some of you may know that I have very dry hands (which probably has to do with how badly I suck at drinking enough water, haha, sigh). So, I am always using one type of hand cream or another. While at home, I like to have a large container of my favourite hand cream that I can just use for a few months without having to refill or re-buy any. While I’m out and about though, I obviously can’t pack that big bottle, so I prefer smaller containers like this super cute banana squeeze bottle! It smells fantastic, and moisturizes my hands without leaving any sticky or oily residue. I was very happy with this product, and will likely buy some on my own when I run out. (For those of you who have had korean banana milk before ((mmmm)), this hand cream actually smells like that drink!) I’ve been using this hand cream almost daily since I received this subscription box in the mail on March 1st, and its lasted me pretty well, since I’m not out yet.

The last item that I tried (surprisingly) was the honey mask. I love honey-scented things (more so than real honey smell, haha), because I find it soothing, and am a big fan of sweet scents. This mask was very relaxing, and left my skin feeling supple and nourished. The smell was subtle, and the mask was moist enough to stick to the skin, rather than it being too dry and peeling off (which has happened to me with other sheet masks that I’ve used in the past). Overall, I really liked this mask, and it was a great experience for me, considering that this was the first time that I tried a sheet mask by It’s Skin!

The subscription box also came with a free sample. But because I’ve received samples of this product before, I didn’t have to try it. From what I know based on the first time I tried a sample of this product, there is enough in the packet for one or two uses. But the product itself is not for me, because from what I remember, it’s meant to lighten skin with something like bleach, and my face is already lighter than the rest of my body, haha, so … don’t need! I did try, and appreciate, the foam cleanser that was included in the box. I really liked the smell, and was happy to find that you only need to use a very small amount of product to get a good foam going. My skin felt fresh and clean after every use! This product comes in other scents, but I’m glad that I received the pomegranate one, because I’m not sure if I would have appreciated the other smells, haha.

And finally, the last item was the apple sheet mask, this time by the company The Saem. I’d used other products by this company before, and have always been impressed. The mask itself was moisturizing, and made my skin happy. There was no residue after I removed the mask and worked the remaining moisturize into my skin. I did not enjoy the scent of this mask, however, which was dissapointing, because I was expecting something like apple pie. I ended up removing this mask before the indicated time, because I didn’t like the smell. Luckily, the smell didn’t linger very long after I removed the sheet from my face and worked the remaining product into my skin.

After using all of the products in this box, I definitely felt thoroughly pampered! Overall, I think that this subscription box is definitely worth it price-wise, if you compare how much one would have spent on all of these products if one were to buy them all separately (plus shipping). I found that it was also worth it for the surprise aspect (which I think is why most people purchase surprise subscription boxes), and I did like the majority of the products (and so did my skin).

I definitely recommend this box, and here is a 15% off code (IWANT15) for those of you living in Canada and France (since Geek N Pretty only ships within Canada and to France right now. For those who live in other countries who are interested in this subscription box, I would recommend keeping an eye out on the company’s website for any announcement about worldwide shipping!)

You can purchase your own The Pretty Box, or The Pretty Deluxe Box
if you live in Canada or France!
(click the below logo to be redirected to the company website)


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  1. for once living in the states for a subscription box really sucks. I love K products, and buy a ton from sokoglam. This box looks like so much fun!!

    1. Haha me either. There are quite a few kbeauty products like that, sadly. But that was only a sample, so not one of the official box items. Those were all great 🙂

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