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First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesdays (#3) + Sneak Peek!

tumblr_milvr9cPpY1qhkw3co5_250It’s Tuesday again! Which means that it’s time for First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday!!! Yaaaay! For those of you who don’t know, First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesdays are:

  • Every Tuesday Bibliophile by the Sea hosts First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros, where she shares the first paragraph or (a few) of a book she is reading or thinking about reading soon.

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And the book which I have selected for this particular First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday is….


Iron Cast by Destiny Soria (to be released on October 11th of this year)!

28818313It’s Boston, 1919, and the Cast Iron club is packed. On stage, hemopaths—whose “afflicted” blood gives them the ability to create illusions through art—Corinne and Ada have been best friends ever since infamous gangster Johnny Dervish recruited them into his circle. By night they perform for Johnny’s crowds, and by day they con Boston’s elite. When a job goes wrong and Ada is imprisoned, she realizes how precarious their position is. After she escapes, two of the Cast Iron’s hires are shot, and Johnny disappears. With the law closing in, Corinne and Ada are forced to hunt for answers, even as betrayal faces them at every turn. An ideal next read for fans of Libba Bray’s The Diviners.

Well that sounds really exciting! But before I start rambling about that, let’s look at the first portion of the first chapter of this upcoming release!



CORINNE’S FIRST DAY AS A NURSE AT THE HAVERSHAM ASYLUM for Afflictions of the Blood was a frosty Thursday. It had been a little over a week since the start of the new year, and so far 1919 was not showing signs of promise—at least according to the head nurse. Corinne smoother out her white starched uniform as the pale, hawkish woman clucked her tongue at the state of the world.
“Mark my words, this is the year when the Bolsheviks make themselves known,” said the head nurse. “America is under siege from within.”
“No doubt,” Corinne said vaguely. She wasn’t really paying attention. She couldn’t even remember the head nurse’s name, though she supposed it would come to her eventually. The coridors they walked were all the same hideous taupe, from floor to ceiling. It gave Corinne a headache, though that might have been the comically large ring of keys that clinked and clanked with the head nurse’s every step. Over the PA system, a dreary voice told Dr. Knox that he had a visitor, and to please report to the front desk.


ezgif-2215158238.gifWell, well, well…that sure sounds intriguing, don’t you think?! Corinne first of all, is such a lovely name. And she also comes off as very no-nonsense, and down to earth, but not cynical or sarcastic—which is something that I appreciate in a female character in a YA book. Maybe I’ve been exposed to too many female characters like that, I don’t know. But yes, I like the sound of Corinne.

And second, who are the Bolsheviks?! This book is 3rd in my TBR pile, but I want to keep reading now! I want to know more.

Also, I like how Destiny Soria created the setting as well, very smooth, and integrated into the text. I wouldn’t have even noticed that that’s what she’s doing, if I hadn’t learned to look for it as a reviewer.

There is a lot more I can say, but I’ll just cut it short by saying that I’m very excited to read this book!

Are you excited for this book to come out? I know I am pumped to have it sitting on my shelf! Let me know in the comments below~

Pre-order Iron Cast on Amazon.ca: Iron Cast
Pre-order Iron Cast on Amazon.com: Iron Cast


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  1. This sounds pretty good but, I don’t read much historical fiction these days. Hope you enjoy this one.

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