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Fenty Beauty Match Stix Trio (Review)

Name: Match Stix Trio
Brand/Company: Fenty Beauty
What: Makeup sticks (1 contour, 1 conceal, 1 highlight)
Shades: Linen, Amber, Starstruck
Source: Personal purchase from Sephora
Blurb: A magnetized trio of long-wear, light-as-air makeup sticks curated by skin tone, with two Match Stix Matte Skinsticks to conceal and contour, and one Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick to highlight. 

– Product Description –

– What It Is –

A magnetized trio of long-wear, light-as-air makeup sticks curated by skin tone, with two Match Stix Matte Skinsticks to conceal and contour, and one Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick to highlight.

– What It Does –

With Match Stix Trios, take your complexion to the next level without the guesswork. Our pre-bundled sets make it easy to conceal, contour, and highlight on repeat. These light-as-air makeup sticks are expertly curated—and magnetize together—so you’re always ready for anything..

Each set comes with two Match Stix MATTE Skinsticks (conceal, contour), and one Match Stix SHIMMER Skinstick (highlight) —all of which are weightless, easy to blend, and stay put. The cream-to-powder formulas are so seamless, it’s impossible to tell where skin ends and makeup begins. They’re buildable and LIVE to be layered in a range of combos that light up all skin tones.

With a magnetic physical attraction, MATTE and SHIMMER Skinsticks click to each other, uniting for the total no-brainer, skin-defining package that’s always at your beck and call.

– What It Is Formulated WITHOUT –


– What Else You Need to Know –

“I wanted to create a product that would be flexible, to give you your concealer, your contour, and your highlight. Match Stix lets you choose your best matches, and best of all, they’re magnetic, so they click together and are easy to find in your bag. Match Stix Trios were customized to make it easy when doing your makeup: there are three steps and they’re all in here.”—Rihanna, Brand Founder

Fenty Beauty is 100% cruelty free.

– My Review –

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Before I get into the review portion of this review (hah), I believe that I should tell you a story. My boyfriend’s mom gave me a (very generous) mall giftcard for Christmas, and after weeks of avoiding the mall, I finally decided to go with my sister when she was home for her last visit. We looked at clothing, books, and some other things, but eventually we were drawn to Sephora because I absolutely needed a new contour kit. Up to this point, I’d been using the basic E.L.F. contour kit, which I really like, don’t get me wrong. But I had a gift card, and I thought that it was time to upgrade in that department. I’d already upgraded my mascara, eyeshadow, primer, etc. etc. and I had the gift card, so I had no excuse.

We went inside, and spent close to 2 hours looking around! In my defence, we spent a bit of time having our skin hydration tested, and then doing a colour ID test, so that we would know which foundations to go with in the story. I highly recommend getting both tests done, because they’re free, and they’re quick, and save you so much time in figuring out which skin care and makeup products from Sephora are best for you! Then we looked at contour sets for me, but became so lost in all of the options that we ended up asking for help from one of the employees. She was very nice and showed us a diverse variety of contour sets and options, from powder palettes, to cream sticks.

But then the time came for decision-making, and that took a while. I’d been using a dry/powder contour set before, but since my skin is combination skin, I have an issue with both oiliness and dryness. Fun. I know. So, the powder contour set probably didn’t help in the dryness department, so I started leaning more toward contour sticks. Plus, I’d been seeing them around on social media and stuff, and wanted to give them a try anyway. I think that due to the placement of the brand, the employee didn’t show us anything from the Fenty Beauty line. And I’m glad that my sister was with me, because together we came to the realization that we hadn’t even seen any of those products in person yet!

I laid my eyes on the match stix section, and fell in love. Just like with the Fenty foundations, there were so many colour options, it was amazing. We swatched a few different shades, to the point where our hands were covered in product, and I finally settled on buying one of the match stix trios, because you get 3 match stixs for a better price than you would if you were to buy 3 of them individually. I was also lucky enough to find a set that had the colours best suited to my skin tone, the “Linen,” “Amber,” “Starstruck” trio, and oh my gosh I still can’t get over how in love I am with those colours and just the product quality.

So, I had tried them on my hands while in Sephora, but once we got home with our purchases, it was time to test the stix on the skins of our faces! I cannot tell you how excited I was. The product is very easy to layer, meaning that you can keep rolling it over your skin depending on how pigmented you want your look to be. So, for example, say with the Amber for the contouring, I could do 1-2 swipes for a light shadow, maybe for a daytime look, or I could do 3-6 swipes for a darker shadow better suite for night time, low lighting, etc. Same thing applies with the concealer, depending on how much you need to conceal, and the highlighter, depending on how bright you want those sections of your face to be. You can also adjust your look depending on how much you blend the product with your fingers or with a brush.

I’m silly and didn’t take any photos of my face with the product on that didn’t have a Snapchat filter on it, but that didn’t really mess with the colouring, and I felt very pretty, haha. The product is feather-light, as is advertised, and blended extremely well. After taking about a million selfies, I also did a swatch on my arm (image below), which I think will show you more accurately how the match stix interact with my particular skin tone. In the image, I made a 1-3 swipes of the product, just to show you more pigmentation, and then in the same shade, I did 1-3 more swipes below, and blended it. I did this with all the 3 shades. The top 2 were the concealer in “Linen,” the middle 2 were the the contour stick in “Amber,” and the bottom 2 the highlighter in “Starstruck.”

I had on a base of lightly-tinted BB cream mixed with a hint of concealer for just a bit more coverage, and I also had a tiny bit of blush on. But these layers, combined with the match stix felt so light, that it was as if I was not wearing anything on my face at all! You see, that had been one of my worries when I started considering contour sticks. Because if they’re too creamy, you can kind of feel them on your face. But the Fenty stix have a cream-to-powder formula, which I think is (and feels) amazing. Also, I completely forgot to rave about the packaging of the match stix, which I think looks very simple and elegant, and the fact that the match stix are magnetized! I’d never come across another cosmetic product quite like this, and now I truly understand why the Fenty Beauty line is so sought-after, and is doing so well!

You can purchase the Fenty Beauty match stix through Sephora (click the below logo for the link) online or in stores. Or if Sephora does not ship to your country, I believe that there should be other online retailers who sell the product, or maybe even the Fenty Beauty site. Please let me know if you have any experience with buying Fenty products outside of Canada and the U.S.!


9 thoughts on “Fenty Beauty Match Stix Trio (Review)

  1. Oooh I want these!!!! I love Rhianna, I think it is so awesome that she has created a makeup range for all colours of skin. I have been looking for something other than powder concealer, so I really really want to try these. I don’t know if we have them in Australia yet, but I’ll have to have a look. Great review!!

    1. Yeeees I think that’s so awesome too. I cannot believe how many cosmetic companies refuse to make and carry colours darker than “SUPER WHITE” Ugh! And it’s definitely worth checking if Australia carries them!

      Thank you and thanks for reading! 😀

  2. I use these when I don’t feel like wearing foundation. I love them and they work very well for me. I also have comb skin, it really is a pain. Half my face is never happy. But, with these my entire face does well.

    1. Awesome! Yeah they’re great 😀 And I have combination skin too (not sure if I mentioned that in the review or anywhere else), so yeah I get that!

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