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Feature & Follow Friday [#1]


This is my first shot at this Feature & Follow Friday meme, but I have a feeling it’ll be very fun! This meme is hosted by Alison Can Read and Parajunkee.com, and you can find all of the details in her most recent Feature & Follow post! But basically, people post in responses to a prompt every week, and then people vote on each others’ posts on that topic. The person with the most votes, is chosen as the next week’s feature.

This week’s featured blog is:


And this week’s prompt is:

microphone-311918_960_720.pngWhat are your favorite podcasts – both bookish and non-bookish podcasts?

Well, before this prompt, I hadn’t really thought about listening to podcasts/bookish podcasts! But I decided that for the sake of this post, I would look around for some, and then pick my favourites.

The one’s I’ve found and really enjoyed are:


88 Cups of Tea with Yin Chang

146376-happy-asian-girl-clapping-gif-BKtu.gifThis was the first YA-related podcast that I found, and it is also the one which I enjoyed the most. The episode which I listened to is JENNY HAN: Redefining The Archetype of the ‘The All-American Girl’ and Hosting Your Own Writers’ Retreat, and I really enjoyed it! They discussed diversity in YA books, and how it’s amazing that Jenny Han’s books To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and P.S. I Still Love You are two of the very few books featuring Asian models on the cover! I am definitely a reader vying for more diversity in all books, and I’ve noticed for some time that a lot of books feature Caucasian heroines within and on their cover. It’s a problem, and it becomes very frustrating when I try to discuss this with people, and their first response is “But you’re white. Why do you care?” Trying to solve exclusion by excluding…is definitely not how this problem will be solved.

Needless to say, this podcast episode by Yin Chang has definitely left its mark on me, and I will definitely be listening to more of her episodes from now on!


Muggle Cast

I was very happy to find that there was a podcast dedicated entirely to Harry Potter (although I shouldn’t have been as surprised as I was). And I started listening to their most recent episode (Episode #297: Tastes Like Lime), but had to turn it off when there was talk of possible Harry Potter and the Cursed Child spoilers. I’mnot accusing them of spoiling (because I didn’t listen anigif_original-grid-image-19277-1400186515-7.giflong enough to know if they did or not), but yeah, I may have to listen to one of their older episodes.

Maybe I’m paranoid. I don’t know. But I do not like having books spoiled for me. And I have to say that spoiling is not always the fault of others, but also my own, for not treading carefully through the internets, haha.

It was interesting to hear that they’ve been making Muggle Cast podcasts for ELEVEN years. That’s dedication for sure. I’ll definitely have to listen to some of their episodes and see what is up with this podcast!

I found and listened to about 10 podcasts (mostly YA-themed), but I either didn’t like the hosts’ style, or I didn’t like the content (spoilers, not interesting, etc.). But I may find more podcasts which I enjoy in the future…now that I’ve become hooked to bookish podcasts.

Do you guys listen to podcasts? And if so, are they bookish? Non-bookish? Let me know in the comments below, or make your own post by joining Feature & Follow Fridays!

0 thoughts on “Feature & Follow Friday [#1]

    1. Aweee that’s good to hear! I’ll definitely listen to another of their podcasts soon! And yay I’m glad to be spreading the word about 88 Cups! 😀

  1. Ooh! I never heard of MuggleCast, been hearing great things about it. I’ve listen to Pottercast for the longest time. I definitely will be checking this out. 88 Cups Of Tea sounds interesting! I too am an advocate for diversity in books. Thanks for the recommendations! New follower on Goodreads, Bloglovin and Twitter.

    1. Yesss definitely have to check out Pottercast! Thank you! And I’m so glad that you are! And also thank you for the follows! I will follow back asap! 😀

  2. I love 88 Cups of Tea! It’s great that we get to hear straight from the authors. Jenny’s list of writers interviewed is nothing to scoff at either!

  3. I’ve heard of 88 Cups of tea but not sure I’ve heard of Mugglecast but am not surprised there’s a Harry Potter dedicated podcast out there. I listen to way too many podcasts to list here but every Friday I do a segment on my blog called Flava in ya ear Friday where I recommend podcasts, vlogs and songs. I love 88 Cups of tea it’s such a great podcast. I just recently found out John and Hank Green have a podcast. Book Riot also has a podcast. I’m even considering starting my own. I do thank you for sharing this I’m always glad to stumble across great posts and try making Blogger buddies.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! <3

      88 Cups of Tea is great! And I wish that I had more time to listen to it. I ended up finding a few more podcasts dedicated to Harry Potter after making this post, haha, but I haven't been able to listen to any o them yet.

      And I read Flavia in stead of Flava! Haha! And you should definitely start your own podcast! I'll be sure to check our your blog ASAP! 😀 and I love to make new Blogger buddies too!

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