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Cleo by Sassafras de Bruyn [Review]

51I77+xunXL._SX360_BO1,204,203,200_Title: Cleo
Author & Illustrator: Sassafras de Bruyn
Type: Fiction
Genre: Children’s
Publisher: Calvis Books
Date published: May 15 2016
Format: E-book
Page Count: N/A
Source: NetGalley

E-copy of the book kindly provided through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.

Summary: Cleo is sad. She always has to hurry. To the bus. To school. She often feels lonely. But one day she’ll go far away, to a place where she defeats sea monsters and where clouds taste like whipped cream. Only her cat will come with her. But suddenly there is a boy…


Very beautifully-rendered illustrations in this book. They were simple, and yet, the more I looked, I found that they were not quite that easily categorized under “simple.” While at first glance, the illustrations appear a little plain (for lack of a better word), the more one looks at them, the more one will notice intricate little details, as well as the exact precision with which these drawings were created.

The story was a heart-warming one, and one certainly suited for daydreamers (as the description indicates). It teaches that even if life may seem tough, and one may feel friendless, that they will be rewarded if they are patient. What I took away from the story, is that one must wait and make room for someone precious in your life, even if they come a little late.

I did really enjoy how the writing was different from the orthodox horizontal lines, but rather adjusted to each particular part of the story, changing along with the intensity of Cleo’s imaginations. I am not sure, however, if I like the cursive writing all too much. I know what was meant to be accomplished, but I am not too sure if the font choice works for me.

Otherwise, a fantastic book. I feel like it would be a book which I would return to again and again, and I believe that this would also be the case with children.

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