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Calendar Girls Example Post


As those of you who are participating know, the blog event which Melanie and I will be hosting monthly in 2017 will begin next Wednesday (yay so close!) With this date fast approaching, we thought that it would be a good idea to post up an example post for you all, just so we’re sure that we’ve made everything as clear as possible before the event starts! For those of you reading about this for the first time, here are Melanie’s launch post and my launch post regarding the blog event, and we hope that you will join us!

Note: Even though the event is titled Calendar Girls, it is titled as such due to the two hostesses being female, as well as due to where the inspiration for this event came from. People of all genders, all orientations, and all ethnicities are welcome!


Now, on to the example post:

For the sake of this example, I have decided that the imaginary theme for this imaginary month is Happy Endings. And the book which I choose to use for the sake of this example is Cinder by Marissa Meyer.

I have selected Cinder for this topic in order for Melanie and I to demonstrate how we will (approximately) be formatting our posts, and also because we want participants to understand how we will be choosing our books based upon each month’s theme. If you have not yet read Cinder, please do not read past this point, as there will be spoilers!

Again, for the sake of this post, I have selected Cinder as my Happy Endings book, because for me the ending was satisfying. No, the girl did not get the boy, and the plot was in no way resolved, but it is perhaps for this reason that I chose this book. It made me happy because it did not end in a non-surprising or typical way, especially for a fairytale (or rather, the way fairytales are told today, not the original Grimm fairytales for example). This ending was also happy for me, because it was a necessity meant to put the overall plot into motion.

Below you will find a comment or comments from Melanie, explaining what is wrong with my choice, or in what way she disagrees. We are doing this in order to provide an example of how a discussion would look like.

Thanks so much for reading, and we look forward to reading all of your amazing posts and seeing your book choices for the January theme: Best Debut Novel of 2016!


1 thought on “Calendar Girls Example Post

  1. Oh look! Something for me to disagree with. :p (Because no one would ever think of me as disagreeing with people. *sarcasm*)

    Anyway, to my comment. I disagree. *wishes I had emojis that matched my facial expressions right now* But I disagree because I didn’t think this was a good ending. Happy? Perhaps. Overly perfect? Yes.

    I was actually not happy with the ending of this book because it did end in a non-surprising way and it all came together just too perfectly. It was all dark and grungy and everything was doom and gloom and then one person walks in and saves her from her fate just at the last second. I dunno. Maybe it was because there wasn’t enough build-up to this happy ending that caused me to be unsatisfied with it. There needed to be more struggle before the miraculous break out. You know?

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