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Anything Goes (#1)

Note: So this post was going to go up on Saturday, because I was away for Canada Day weekend, but WordPress’ timed publishing setting has let me down. Sigh.

ezgif-217928760So, because of it being summer, and my Fridays and Saturdays being, therefore, unpredictable, I have decided that for those two days, I will not be joining any blog hops, but will rather post about something random which comes to mind (when I have time). For more info about this, and the other blog hops which I’ve joined or am hosting, please click here.

For this Saturday in particular, I will be writing the post ahead of time, because I will be at a cottage all weekend. But I had promised to make a blog post about this, and I do not want to wait another week before I can put it up. I like order and organization, if you couldn’t tell, haha.ezgif-109932918
Soooo, today for Anything Goes, I will be discussing a WordPress site titled Six Stories a Week.The site owner, Melony Gallant is a young writer from South Africa, shares 6 stories with subscribers each week, via email, for free! Every 3 months, Melony then publishes the 72 short stories which have accumulated, along with 72 more.
I think that the fact that she is sharing half of the stories which she publishes with subscribers for free is pretty awesome, and I know that I will be subscribing! I mean, who doesn’t want 288 free short stories a year?!



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